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Meet me in da club.. it’s goin’ doowwnn….. 

Meet me in da club.. it’s goin’ doowwnn….. 

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▶ Good morning tumblr folk.

I’m pretty excited for tonight, going to Das Bunkers Star wars day with some really amazing people. I really wish I had a costume though. but oh well.  still going to be a blast. 

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▶ Star Wars night at Das Bunker LA

Anyone of my followers going?
Lets meet up and get wicked drunk, dance, and drool over sexy cosplayers and goth girls on stripper poles ;D 

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Me & the Boy 

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Me & Sage ready to go to Das Bunker tonight, woot! x3

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My favorite gothic industrial club is doing a star wars night… 
so i honestly will be able to dance with star wars cosplayers and listen to star wars industrial remixes all night…. too many things i love in one place!!!!
I’m beyond excited. <3 

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